Katie & John-Henry


Katie and John Henry were such a delight to be around on their wedding day. I knew Katie - she is my best friend's younger sister  - and therefore her amazing family. I was so honored to photograph her day and I had SUCH a good time with everyone there. It was one of those days where everything goes by in a flash - and suddenly the couple is exiting and you realize you just had a really FUN day. 

I think the time we had on the side of a mountain was my favorite - just them two away from all the noise, getting to prepare for their ceremony.  Katie and John Henry are like those people you meet and instantly trust. Both have a sense of calm and peace about them. Both are easy to talk to - easy to joke with. Even though they spent time doing long distance, they have a connection together that you can see maturing and developing into further companionship. 

It wasn't easy to narrow down my favorites from this sweet day - so be prepared for some photos below ;)


Thank you Katie & John Henry!