A Wedding in April


A little late here on this one, but a lot happened in May! I visited with both sets of grandparents, spent time at the lake, and then hopped on a plane to France (those photos coming soon :) )

In April I had the privilege of being second photographer for my good friend and old roomie Katie, and her company Anchor and Oak Photography + Design. (We are all very earthy photographers over here.. as you can tell by our names...)

I hadn't second shot in a LONG time and I have to say it was soooo nice. I felt a freedom to just be creative, help Katie where she needed, and once the day is over.. it's over! No editing required. 

Buuuut I love editing. I do! When you learn basic editing in a darkroom in photo class, you kind of develop this very hands on relationship with it. Move that to digital.. and while it's a total different technique... so much of relationship is still there for me. It's another way to exercise creativity. 

This wedding was such a joy to be at as well. The couple wasn't very concerned with a lot of the traditions that revolve around weddings nowadays, but really just wanted to be together. We gave them ample time after the ceremony together, and they were so happy they couldn't stop smiling. 


Next up are some posts on France and a wedding a shot last weekend! And hopefully some more food photography coming at you :)