Spring Sun & Showers

I'm a warm weather person - I live for the longer days and the time outside. It feels so much more peaceful and productive. I stay in this space of trying to pause and rest in the sun, while also planning fun adventures, photo shoots, etc. So far I've enjoyed long, muscle killing bike rides, planting flowers ( went a little overboard but yolo) and herbs, more spontaneous walks, dinners, time chatting with neighbors, and of course taking photos :) Everything is more saturated, golden, and full. Even the rains feel more lively. 


Anyway,  I've never been one for writing, I'm better at capturing life with a camera than with words, but I think it's important to do so on my site. I've grown accustomed to letting my photos speak not only for themselves but maybe a little for me too, and the truth is that I've hid behind them a little when it comes to the social media world. My comfort zone is sitting in front of an actual person, not communicating to the abyss behind a computer screen. However, I have come to see and admire other creatives and their journey to be more transparent on blogs and instagram posts - showing that there is a REAL human behind the business who both smiles and frowns, laughs and cries. 

I say all this to say that one my goals in business is to do ... well just that. Let the sunshine and showers be full and purposeful. So when I share my photos, little by little, I am going to try and share a bit more of me too! 

Thanks for reading (Kimberly I see you) and check back now and again and hold me accountable K?

Cheers :)