Hey, I'm Heather. 


I would love the opportunity to work with

you and capture your wedding, project, or

event in a unique way. 


 photo: connor dwyer 

 photo: connor dwyer 

My love for photography came when I bought my first film camera and saw the magic that happens in the process from the moment you capture it in time until you finally see it emerge on paper. I went on to graduate with a Bachelors in Fine Arts from the University of Georgia.  

Photography has developed into an avenue to meet people, learn from their stories, and document what is worth celebrating in their lives. The "wild" in the name reminds me to be brave, compassionate, and to look out for the unexpected. "Grain" is a call to remember that we are all growing : photos are evidence of where we've come, and can be inspiration of where we want to go. As your photographer, I care about capturing what is important to you, having fun, and incorporating your personality with my creative ideas.